The More….The Less….

When(or if) you finally connect to the greater human consciousness…

Honestly that’s just the thing about it.  There aren’t even any words to describe it.  If you’ve ever heard the Bible verse “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” that’s what it’s like. Even that doesn’t do it 100% justice because there are levels to the key words lost, found and sight.  There is the literal, figurative and spiritual definition of all of them.

Coming back to my point, when you connect to the greater consciousness you are able to grasp at a very deep level every single human being throughout history who has connected with that same consciousness.  You are able to connect with the ideas of people through books, TV, Movies, Videos(good ol YouTube) Music, Dance and any other way people have ever used to express themselves.  It’s really quite beautiful.

In this connection to mass consciousness you become less you. I have found the more I turn into that connection and my development of my relationship with God the less I think of only myself and it’s an amazing  experience. I am in service to humanity.  I love connections, I love nurturing and helping develop the consciousness of my fellow man.  My little light shines. 🙂 I have always done it on a one to one scale, I makes sincere connections with people because of that.

The idea to start this blog was put on my heart a little while back. The thought of it scared the crap out of me because I did not want to expose myself to being judged and ridiculed by people who do not understand what it is that I am doing it for.   It was my equivalent to walking outside naked and then having someone put it online but not just it goes locally, that it goes viral. (We all know who grumpy cat is or how to do the SoldierBoy Superman for that very reason!!)  That is on a much larger scale than me just rambling to my friends and family or even speaking to someone randomly that I meet in the street!!!!

I practice meditation daily and since this was a point of high emotion I brought it to my meditation. I asked for clarity on what it is I should be doing and how to go about it and two things happened….I REALLY understood the concept that God never gives us more than we can handle . They wouldn’t put on my heart to do this task if I could not do it. Plain and simple.  The second thing was fear is not real!!!!! (That phrase often causes me to say it multiple times in a semi screaming voice lol. It is such a shocking, yet simple truth)  one of the lessons in A Course in Miracles is “A meaningless world engenders fear because I think I am in competition with God.”   Fear is based on not trusting God. It is impossible to simultaneously know that they will catch you if you step out on faith and they will let you fall if you step out on faith at the same time. So….I picked my side.  I stepped out. So far, it’s working out for me. 🙂  Any help no matter how small I can offer to anyone for their personal growth and development gives me purpose so thank you for even taking the time to read my thoughts. I greatly appreciate it. 

I met a guy on the train one day and we got into a really deep conversation about consciousness and spirituality.  In that conversation I told him we are all here (on the train) by design, it’s not a coincidences that this specific grouping of people are on this train with us right now. To that he said  something like well what makes me so special for all of these people to be here for me, isn’t that arrogant?  He was looking at it from the view that  if you think that way you believe the world revolves around you. I explained to him from my perspective it was more about me determining not only what it is I am supposed to be getting from this moment but also what I am supposed to be giving to this moment. And so I simply said because we are all here together I wish everyone on this train love and peace.  Yes I realize how much of a hippie that makes me sound like but I believe people who are classified as “hippies” got it right!!! (by right I mean right for me)

For me the thought of tuning out, putting in my headphones and not thinking of all the other people on the train who were specifically put here for a reason would be selfish of me. I have to stay present and aware and offer myself to the world however I am able (The side note being you can only offer yourself to your capacity.  You cannot fill another person’s cup if yours is empty so only give what you have to give, never more, and you will find this type of giving fills your cup not depletes it 🙂

You begin to feel that you can’t keep your gifts to yourself, whatever they may be. Give the world what you have to been given and you’ll always end up getting more out of it than you put in. As such, I decided I am of service to humanity.  I will surrender and give myself without fear and all will be well.

Peace and Love ❤

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