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Art Therapy

I’ve been playing a lot more with being present and so I’ve been looking for ways to increase the amount of “time” in which I am HERE.   If you ever watch a little kid coloring you can’t help but notice how intensely they concentrate, they give their total attention and focus to the task.  With that small inspiration I decided I wanted to use coloring as part of my meditation.

I got a really cool Mandala coloring book on Amazon and have been enjoying it


Chakra inspired




Be Here!

Currently I’m reading Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now.  If there’s one thing this book has showed me so far it is the amount of time I was spending outside of the present by preoccupying my mind with thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future. No matter which you are doing you still are doing it in the present so for times you drift try to pull yourself back. Be here!! It’s really the only place you can be anyway 😀

be here

Welcome back 😉

Now Reading!!

What can I say really, reading is one of the biggest ways I spiritually expand, grow and learn.  Every book offers what I would say is spiritual resonance, I am able to connect on what feels like the purest level of my soul, when I read some things I KNOW them to be true, they become more than a concept or something that sounds good in theory.

It is a beautiful thing I am highly thankful for.



I think this is a beautiful quote which came to me at the exact time I needed it (as things always do.) I realized that all the confusion and doubt I was previously feeling and dubbed “growing pains” could also be looked at from the perspective where I was able to better accept the change and process as a gift.  I am going through a change.  I am not who I once was and as part of that I have to be able to release what no longer serves.  All that I viewed as confusion or a struggle was simply love bringing everything up that no longer belonged to me.  I feel light again. 🙂

Dream II

Saturday inspiration

“….anything I can think of,I can make it come true”

“The first step before anyone else in the world believes it is you have to believe it. There’s no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.”

“..Cause you can see the truth a whole lot better with the lights on
Don’t be afraid to turn the lights on
I’ve learned to dream with the lights on

“I know who I am, I know what I believe, and that’s all I need to know.”

“Greatness, is not this wonderful, esoteric, illusive, god-like feature that only the special among us will ever tasteYou know? It’s something that truly exists, in, all of us. It’s very simple, this is what I believe, and, I’m willing to die for it. Period. It’s that simple” 

which way is up??

I haven’t been writing lately because mentally I’ve been all over the place. I’m pretty sure some people can relate to being in a space where you’re trying to figure out in what direction your life should be going relative to where it is now and if you are fortunate enough to determine the direction then you’re faced with the task of getting from here to there. In an effort to slowly defuse this little cocktail of confusion and anxiety I’ve made the decision to clean up my vibration, focus more on  love and appreciating all the wonderful things in my life and hope these changes will in turn give me the inspiration to offer the world something of value

signing off with much love and appreciation ❤ ❤ ❤

Self Worth

This realization is something that has helped me a lot and so I wanted to share it with you all just as a reminder if/when you ever are feeling down or blue for any reason.

 The fact that you are able to grasp your own consciousness(your recognition of the fact that you are alive in this physical body) is exactly the reason you should always feel of value and loved. The universe does not make mistakes or superfluous creations so your existence proves your value.

If you are capable of being aware of your own existence  (which clearly we all are) you are precious and of high value to the universe. You matter. Know that God doesn’t create superfluous things so being here shows your deservability.  Stop comparing yourself to those around you because you are complete and you are perfect as you are.  You are a unique reflection of God so take pride in your uniqueness and always make it your mission to be the best you that you are capable of being (whatever that may entail is totally up to you to decide 😀 )

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeee