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Lesson 7–A course in Miracles

I see only the past.”

When I first read this lesson how I interpreted it was that our past experiences give us reference to the present moment so when you are looking at something you aren’t just looking at that specific thing you are looking at the culmination of all interactions you’ve ever had with that thing.

“I see only the past in this shoe” (etc…)

When you look at a shoe you are able to recognize it for what it is based on experience.  This experience is also known as the past. As the example if you had no reference point to what a shoe was you’d not know the meaning of the word let alone the function of it. I often think of babies as a great example of this, if you give a baby a shoe they may play with it, put it in their mouth but not think to put it on their little foot.

This lesson came back to me today in relation to my efforts to work on staying present. (Stay with me because this is going to seem random initially but it really illustrates the point of this lesson to me) I was putting some shea butter in my hair so I look at the jar then proceed to think about how I used it on my hair before vacation.  This thought turned into thinking about how vacation was so amazing and all the things that took place.  I had left the present  so easily looking at this object because I was looking at it in terms of the past!!!

I managed to bring myself back into the present and when I did the deeper understanding of this lesson came with me.

I love when thing tie in on that spiritual level. 😀 There are so many ways for us to say things but ultimately we are all saying the same thing.

Love Love Loveeeeeeeee

Acceptance of the present


The resonance this had for me!??!

If we were able to truly accept the present moment as if we had specifically chosen it (which realistically/vibrationally we do) we would be offering absolutely no resistance!!!!!

When you are offering no resistance to the present your vibration raises, and of course with a high vibration everything you want begins to easily flow to you!!!!!! For me this statement truly gave me an understanding of the question “how do I get from ‘here’ to ‘there'”

There is no there! There’s only here and when you’re at peace with HERE you get out of your way to let “there” come to you effortlessly.

To say it’s a beautiful realization doesn’t even fully capture it ❤

Be Here!

Currently I’m reading Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now.  If there’s one thing this book has showed me so far it is the amount of time I was spending outside of the present by preoccupying my mind with thoughts of the past or thoughts of the future. No matter which you are doing you still are doing it in the present so for times you drift try to pull yourself back. Be here!! It’s really the only place you can be anyway 😀

be here

Welcome back 😉

Time is on my side, yes it is.

We are taught from the beginning that time is linear, we look at the concept of time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.  Lately I’ve been able to understand time in a different way which I find amazing.  Time relates to how long you stay present in a moment.  This explains why it can feel like you blink and a child you remember as baby is now full grown, it also explains why a work day can feel like an eternity. In that sense time isn’t fixed or linear it’s a view point from the present.

I just saw this video and it fell in line with this subject. Love it!