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(I particularly like this image because the B is also a heart 🙂 Great Tattoo idea whomever came up with it)

So we live in a world where standard protocol is see to believe.  Everyday I learn it’s definitely believe to see.  Believe good things can and will happen. It’s not your job to determine how these things will come about. Remember that. You don’t have to know all the steps just know if you put it out there and are presently aware your path will be smoothly laid.

Believing before seeing has become my new practice. (I use the word practice because it’s just that, I don’t always get it right but the more I make a mindful effort the more naturally the habit is becoming) Our pitfall tends to come in the not knowing how something will work out.  We want to know!? We have to know?!?!?!? What if it’s not going to turn out right?!?!?! Wrong! Things will always turn out right!!!!

Trust the process. (Trust in the universe/God’s(whomever you may call them) ability to deliver because they ALWAYS deliver.

Lastly, Believe in yourself.

Trust yourself a little more. I know it’s a little scary at first but the core of you knows you and will direct you to where you need to be.  That’s the God in you!! Trust your gut, it’s never wrong and always know that everything is working in your best interest at this very moment regardless of if you can see how it is or not.

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all!

Solffegio Frequencies

As part of my meditation practices I personally enjoy listening to music as a way to begin to quiet my mind.  YouTube recommends videos based on your viewing history and at some point I came into Solffegio Frequency meditations. Without doing any real research of what it was or what it did I found that the meditations I would do when listening to these frequencies would always leave me feeling centered (which is awesome of course)

You can check out my favorite playlist below 🙂

After some time I decided to do some research into what these frequencies really did for me vibrationally figuring it was a cool area to continue in my soul expansion and development. I was lead to an amazing website which (as expected) expanded and reshaped my understanding of this beautiful life experience.

I’d of course recommend you read the article to see what you personally draw from it (if you are reading this article you were lead here specifically for me to share that article with you,  because that’s how this all works 😀 lol)

This article offered me multiple things:

*A better understanding of the 97% of DNA that we don’t use.  Consider our five senses and their combination resulting in the physical world we perceive.  I believe that just because something cannot be perceived through our five senses does not mean that it does not exist at all.  That’s essentially what my spiritual development is! Exploring the space outside of my physical (3rd dimensional)  world. It stands to reason  then that the 97% of unread DNA is just that! All energies and experiences to be had outside of our physical! I believe that’s what this new awakening is really about, uncoding more of our DNA so we can see and understand that outside of the physical further causing us to evolve as a human race.

Semi related to this topic brought back a TedX talk by Rupert Sheldrake I had watched.  The entirety of the speech is pretty thought provoking but some of my personal resonating points were his discussing of collective memory (8 minutes or so in) and his belief that everything taps into their species collective memory as a blue print to grow and develop…sounds DNA like doesn’t it!  (check it out below)

*I also expanded in my understanding of quantum physics in relation to spirituality (who would think right?!) I’m no science buff but I’ll do my best to explain what I learned.  Essentially you can’t pinpoint the location of an electron.  When one tries they have to apply light to it in order to see it BUT that light charges the atom which causes it to spin at speeds that are too fast to be seen.  From there they began to look at electron location a few ways one of which was by probability.  An electron can be one of a few places but what they would find is they could predict which place it would be and when they looked, there it was! This drew the spiritual correlation in my mind because it’s your thought that is determining the placement (i.e. the law of attraction placing it where you are thinking it should be.) The other thing science fiddled with was the idea of multiple dimensions. It’s to say that that one atom is in all the places you think it is and at any given time we are only able to view it in one place at a time.  This is an idea I’m still playing with, I’ll let you know if it develops any further lol.

The other part related to quantum physics is the discussion of the “empty” space between the atoms. I learned that space is not in fact empty but full of energy!! The great nothing that is in fact everything!!!  It’s creation, it’s potential and it’s love!!!

*I also dug deeper into Cymatics and understanding the results of the different frequencies as well as the significance of  ‘UT – queant laxis’ you guys can check those out on your own 🙂

I’d implore anyone to explore any other topic that may personally resonate for your own expansion and development, I’d love to hear what else was drawn from it 🙂 We’re all teachers and students and I looooooooooooooooooooove my learning experience so feel free to share ❤

Peace and Love all!

p.s. I just ran across this video on Youtube that is compiled of a bunch of his interviews and it made my heart ring!!! The unifying theme of the video definitely interrelates with some of the things I discussed in this post and flatly I find him amazing so I had to share ❤

Virtual Reality and the Matrix

I can’t say enough how I love reading.  It affords me the opportunity to think. 🙂 (By think I mean observe a subject from all angles. This allows me to get a deeper understanding of the specific topic from an internal point of view. It can be looked at as an opportunity for me to challenge what it is I am observing, which ultimately allows me to figure out if that subject is a resonating truth within myself or not.)

So on this particular day I explored the subject of virtual reality.  The British Dictionary definitions for virtual reality is “a computer-generated environment that, to the person experiencing it,closely resembles reality.” In reading Astral Projection. He goes about explaining virtual reality by saying “Virtual reality is represented by information about the world.  The software does not contain the actual world itself….There is no world in the software (or anywhere else), only a description of the world”

I wanted to understand this, so I sat with it for a while to give the idea the opportunity to develop in my mind. In doing such “The Matrix”  came to mind because the premise of the movie is that we all live in a virtual world. From there I began to play with the idea further, if we live in a virtual world, how do we get out?  Is it truly like the matrix where you have to physically be unplugged from the virtual system to see the world as it is? How do I even manage such a task!?Some time later my answer came. It’s not about having to unplug from anything it’s about unlimiting our belief systems.

Although I understand it is a natural inclination to only believe what you can grasp in the physical, it results in everything outside of that physical existence being rejected. The core of my spiritual development/exploration on every level comes down to exploring what exist outside of our comfy(or not so comfy if you prefer) little physical world. I feel like exploring ideas within myself allows me to expand so much further than the physical world.  This gives me the opportunity to shape and reshape my mind and it’s thought process.  I realized my life purpose is to encourage others to take on their own personal journey because once you are able to expand past the scary part of it, it becomes more amazing than any words I could give you.

In spiritual expansion/development you will reach a point where you grow past fear.  It really comes down to when you know within yourself that you are ready to explore spiritually in spite of not knowing what awaits you on the other side of that exploration.  I can’t tell you when that time is but I can tell you if you decide within yourself that you are ready and you take that leap into the unknown something beautiful will open up to you/catch you before you fall. *Insert Matrix red pill/blue pill reference here–seeeeeee it’s always interconnected!!!*

When you take that step in spite of your fear, on the other side will be your personal realization that fear is not real. In that realization lies so much. You stop fearing the “consequence” of exploring outside of the physical world and you become okay with breaking ideas that once were the cornerstone of your existence. You begin to breakdown and rebuild your own belief system in a fashion that is customized for YOU and THAT is a beautiful way to live.

Coming back around to my point when you unlimit your mind from only believing what you can first see you have successfully “unplugged from the matrix”   You no longer fear concepts outside of our physical comprehension which causes expansion and growth within your soul.  For me, that is the fun and beauty of my existence.

Have fun exploring!!!!

The Life Journey


2 days ago or so I had a cup of Yogi Tea, I love Yogi tea particularly because their tea bag labels always drop little bits of wisdom for me to ponder on.

On this particular day The tea tag stated “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment” I played with the idea in my mind for a moment and my interpretation of it was that if you learn to enjoy every moment you will have a good life because you won’t spend time frustrated or being “negative.” I was satisfied with this thought and went about my regular day. Apparently this little tea tag was not done with me however. It crossed my mind  again this morning during meditation where the idea of enjoying every moment was being called  back to my feelings on being aware of one’s emotional state and being a “belief thief.”

Enjoying every moment is about alignment.  When you only hold on to beliefs that resonate with your soul you will enjoy life. If it’s not resonating with you then discard it!! free yourself up from trying to fit that round peg into the square hole. Find the round hole and be happy!!!

The other part of this coming together for me was in reading.  In Astral Projection John states “the universe is infinitely recursive” It resonated on such a deep level for me because I am now able to fully understand that there is no beginning or end to the universe.  When you know there is no end, you stop focusing on the end. You don’t worry about getting “there” because there is no there!!  There is only here.  The concept of there only being the present also reflects that.

If there is only now you allow yourself to appreciate life for what it is, a journey! 🙂

That is now what I now believe the author of my tea tag meant (even if he or she didn’t that’s what I received from it and since it made me feel good to figure it out it must be one of my natural state of being beliefs!!!–see how it all comes back around and around!!!!)

I spend many moments in gratitude for my spiritual development.

Love and Peace ❤

Think and Be

So in the beautiful and effortless unfolding of my life this morning I decide that I will write about a few things that I have been playing with in my mind lately. I open up the webpage and posted by Think Positive, Be Positive is this post that says “Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen”. My mind did a back flip!! This quote pulled together a few things I have been playing with over the past few days! (I can’t even explain the gratitude and love I feel when this happens. It’s amazing)

Think Positive:In my spiritual development I am learning what it truly means to think positive.  I understand now that positive thinking is not so much about trying hard to be happy all the time, it is becoming aware of your natural state of being.  The method for which is to pay attention to your emotions! Things that cause you to feel good are things that are letting you know you are aligned with your true state of being, where as things that make you feel poorly are not aligned with your natural state of being.  I then saw this video where Bashar explains what a belief thief is.This further deepened my understanding of the idea of what it is to think positive.  The short of it is things that don’t make you feel good emotionally are not aligned with your natural state of being. They are simply someone elses beliefs that you have picked up along the way.  (This is not to say that these beliefs are not in alignment for ANYONE they just aren’t in alignment for you)

Be Positive: When you are paying attention to your emotional state and learn the ability to “drop” beliefs that are not your own you can then more effortlessly stay aligned with your natural state of well being.  It becomes easier to no longer hold beliefs that do not suite you. You no longer feel the need to try to force yourself to fit into someone else’s “belief mold” (It sort of reminds me of when my friend borrowed a pair of shoes that I had worn in a little.  When she returned them she said she really liked the shoes but she realized she could only comfortably wear them if she “walked like me.”  It only worked if she fit into my “foot mold” which was not her “natural way of walking”) When you only carry beliefs that are true to your natural state of being you become the true you which is a positive being. 🙂

Positive things will happen: When you are fully able to live this way positive things cannot help but to come into your life experience because you are aligned with your true self.  This is essentially saying the same thing as my explanation of how your emotions let you know how close or far away you are from God.

That is part of the beauty of this all to me.  The same core messages continue to pour into me through so many different avenues.  This is how I know what I am learning is so sincere and true to me. 🙂

Have a wonderful day all ❤

Think Positive, Be Positive

Think and be positive!

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