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The Golden Current That is Mass Consciousness

While reading Astral Projection by John Magnus. He puts into words the experience that he has had connecting with mass consciousness.  I use the words “connecting with mass consciousness” while he uses the words “removing the mind veil” This is the beauty of the spiritual journey. There are so many ways to describe the exact same experience. That is the reason I am able to look at the word God and know that it embodies all things. Whomever you chose to call him/her/them/it isn’t the important part, it’s the actual experience that unites us all.

He calls it the mind veil, in The Four Agreements it’s described as “Mitote”,  and even in the movie “The Matrix” it’s called the matrix!!!

He describes how when you are connected to the greater consciousness you see everything so clearly.  You can see both problems and solutions and the frustration that comes with trying to put this experience in words because it surpasses human vocabulary.  That’s also the beauty of the spiritual journey.  You begin to understand on a level that surpasses our verbal understanding and although it does, it does not surpass our spiritual understanding. This is also a concept that I have found in The Finding of the Third Eye in terms of the explanations of the interconnected planes the soul exist on.

That is  how my interest in the astral projection book was sparked! You’ll start to notice with me that everything is very tightly interconnected.  I make it my intention to grow as effortlessly as possible which includes following the subtle queues that lead me to an understanding of this entire experience. Anything that “rings” to me or calls me to further research just sends me deeper and deeper down this awesome rabbit hole but I digress.

The “struggle” that is associated with this experience is once you have actually had it you want to share it with everyone!!!  You  want everyone to have this same experience because it’s so amazingly beautiful that it shouldn’t be contained.  That’s why I write.  That’s why other writes, it’s why some sing, some do interpretive dance, some act, some paint, some draw.  Everyone is entitled to express this experience however they best see fit. Personally, I want to encourage as many people as possible to take on their individual journey so they may attain this beautiful life experience.  To me, as a result of my own experience I believe that is the meaning of life.

Someone else who has the same underlying experience may get something entirely different out of it and that experience is equally beautiful. You can’t help but to be overtaken by the loss of yourself.  You are no longer you, the individual.  You are everything and everyone.  You embody all, we are all one.  It removes judgment from you because you only have a desire to live your life to the best of your ability and allow those around you to live their life to the best of theirs. Live and let live takes on that surpassed verbal explanation. While reading and thinking this all over I was reminded of a speech Jim Carrey gave in which he described it as riding a wave. I had seen this speech before but watching it this time had meant something completely different to me because I have had my own experience with the greater collective consciousness he is referring to.

He explained the ups and downs associated with making that full connection and what it is like when you “come back down” from it.  John Magnus describes it as the mind veil being replaced.

I tend to think of that connection as being absorbed into a great golden current.  That current is the mass consciousness.


(this is how I visually imagine it but it’s also flowing–I’m one for visual emphasis you’ll also notice)

You are able to connect to every being in history that has ever accessed that same consciousness. You are able to understand on that surpassed verbal level all true thought and intentions of life.  It gives you such a burning desire to not only access it on a continuous basis but an incredible hope that everyone will eventually access it as well.  When you come “back down” it’s like you have jumped out of that beautiful current back into whatever it is we tend to live prior to that experience. Let me tell you, the striving to get back there is real but now I’m starting to believe if you try less and allow it to happen more you’ll make your way back to it with a little effort as possible.

So now I’ve done all this rambling explaining  the experience, the real question is how do I get there????

To that I say…I don’t know lol.

I can’t tell you how you can get there because I am not you.  The way I “got there” was through reading, meditation and finely attuning myself to what is being presented to me (and for what reason) My expansion is not your expansion.  Maybe you will access it through church, maybe through music, maybe through  sports whatever it is is not for me to decide. You know you.

What I can tell you though is all it really takes to start is the desire for that experience.  I traced back my steps to see how I got to this point in my spiritual development and it all started with me saying to God “I want to get to know you better” The way they orchestrated everything from that point is beyond divine.  All you need do is ask and watch how God will show you YOUR way there. In that moment you will remember there is no one way up the mountain.

Love Love Love ❤

Dandelions and Time Lapses

Once while on a plane I was  watching the sun set and was struck with the thought of how effortlessly life unfolds for me.  (The key to this all being the amount you allow it to be effortless–aka stop trying to micromanage God, they’ve got you. Trust me lol)

It came after something very simple actually, my boyfriend and I were heading out of town and as we were walking towards our seats I was hoping for a window seat (mostly for him because although I like the window it’s not a deal breaker for me.)  As we approached we took note of the numbers….he was an aisle and I was a center. C’est La Vie ::shrugs::   I didn’t think much of it but before I could even sit down the man in the window seat in our row asked if either of us wanted the window! He stated he had seen all there was to see so it wasn’t a big deal and just like that we had our window! Maybe it’s just my appreciation of the little things but that small occurrence rocked me with gratitude.

So as I sat peeping over my boyfriend’s shoulder out of the window (cause of course he got the actual window seat lol) These thoughts came to me.  When you look at a picture of a flower you are only seeing one moment in that flowers existence.  You can’t really tell anything about it other than the type of flower it is.


It’s not until you watch a time lapse video of that same flower you can grow a better appreciation of it’s life span and the ease at which it grows.

Watching the time lapse video of this dandelion really put into perspective the ease of which life unfolds for all of us.  When you watch it you can’t help but to notice it’s just existing.  It’s not rushing to get to the next stage, it’s not worried about how all the other dandelions are growing  comparatively, it’s not doing anything but living.  It offers no resistance or frustration and it still reaches it’s destination.  It becomes the flower that it is meant to be.

I realized then that I am that flower.

The less resistance I offer (by which I mean the less I try to micromanage God/the less I get frustrated when things don’t go EXACTLY as I plan them) the more effortless things come to me and that’s a beautiful realization to have.

I also found I have an extra fondness for dandelions now. Not only is beauty found in the common flower (some even call them weeds) but dandelions live two lives. 🙂  The yellow pedals bloom and close and you would think that is the end of the dandelion life but then they open again….They offer themselves to the world once more in the form of what I used to call “wishers” as a kid.  I would pick the second life flowers, make a wish and blow as hard as I could for the wishers (pollen) to carry my wish away.


They spread their seeds and start life anew. Thanks dandelions

I am LOVE (and so will my future babies be :) )

I have had the strong urge to write about love for the past few days. The problem being I didn’t know where I even wanted to start. The word love embodies all things.  We sometimes use it superficially, not giving full homage to the importance of what love is and we sometimes use it in limited terms that only cover some subjects or persons, but what I am talking about is LOVE love. Real LOVE.  God LOVE.

I don’t have any children as of yet but I’m at an age where all observations of parenting are taken into consideration about how I intend to raise my future babies. One of my best friends and I had a discussion about it with regards to a new TV show coming soon to NBC called the slap.

He believes I’m going to be one of those hippie people who will end up with undisciplined little demon children (I only half agree with that of course lol) while he believes his parenting style will be very strict and controlled. We both have no children so ultimately there’s no real way to know how this will end up going until they get here.  Anywho, after much discussion he asked me “what values do you want to instill in your kids?”  This is a great question of course and so my mind took off running…..I want my future babies to be smart,  honest/truthful, free thinking, respectful and all the other great qualities all parents want of their kids.

This question then turned itself in my mind to “well how do you get all of these qualities out of your little human???” After all, no matter how much of a little you they may be they are still their own little human beings. (I find adults tend to discount children not remember they are little people.)

Well, thanks to good ol meditation just as the question had turned not long after my answer arrived.

My goal as a parent is not to force my child into a mold of qualities that are pleasing to me. My goal as a parent will be to raise my child in LOVE. I want to make my future babies in LOVE and bring them up in that same non judging, patient and kind LOVE that God floods me with on a daily basis. My favorite biblical definition of what LOVE is as follows:

1 Corinthians 13: 4-8: Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5 or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6 it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7 Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.8 Love never ends.

THAT’S how I want to raise my children.  In my mind if I do my best to maintain these qualities within myself I believe my future babies will turn out awesome.  If someone is raised in THAT type of LOVE there will be no room for certain qualities and traits which may be viewed as negative.  I know that personally  because when I am fully connected with that type of God LOVE I only want that same LOVE for those around me. I want to give and share and be kind and help others in anyway I am able. When you are given that type of LOVE you have no space for being uncooperative or ill spirited.  It’s just LOVE. Good LOVE. Pure LOVE. AMAZINGGGGGG LOVE!!!


And so ultimately I want my future babies to know they are LOVE. When you know you are LOVE as I know I am LOVE it is no longer an issue of discussion.

Much LOVE and peace to you all ❤

Using feelings not fear

Fear is not real.(meditate on it)   Although, now I can appreciate where it came from. I feel like fear was good intentions gone astray. It was supposed to be a tool to try to encourage people to behave well.  The fear associated with the idea of Karma or the devil is intended to coax you into being a good person in life but what I’ve come to find is not to use that method as the driving force to whether I will try to be a good person or not.

I strive to be a good person because I want to be as close with God as possible; being close to God brings awesome things into my life experience! I am a believer that your Emotional Guidance System (your feelings) let you know how close or far away you are so I always strive to reach for higher vibrating feelings and when you have those feelings you can’t help but to be flooded with Love, Peace, Joy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Non-Judgment and all the spectacular things that are God. 😀

I’m so thankful for that now being the thing that drives me opposed to fear. It makes life significantly less stressful 🙂

The More….The Less….

When(or if) you finally connect to the greater human consciousness…

Honestly that’s just the thing about it.  There aren’t even any words to describe it.  If you’ve ever heard the Bible verse “I once was lost but now I’m found, was blind but now I see” that’s what it’s like. Even that doesn’t do it 100% justice because there are levels to the key words lost, found and sight.  There is the literal, figurative and spiritual definition of all of them.

Coming back to my point, when you connect to the greater consciousness you are able to grasp at a very deep level every single human being throughout history who has connected with that same consciousness.  You are able to connect with the ideas of people through books, TV, Movies, Videos(good ol YouTube) Music, Dance and any other way people have ever used to express themselves.  It’s really quite beautiful.

In this connection to mass consciousness you become less you. I have found the more I turn into that connection and my development of my relationship with God the less I think of only myself and it’s an amazing  experience. I am in service to humanity.  I love connections, I love nurturing and helping develop the consciousness of my fellow man.  My little light shines. 🙂 I have always done it on a one to one scale, I makes sincere connections with people because of that.

The idea to start this blog was put on my heart a little while back. The thought of it scared the crap out of me because I did not want to expose myself to being judged and ridiculed by people who do not understand what it is that I am doing it for.   It was my equivalent to walking outside naked and then having someone put it online but not just it goes locally, that it goes viral. (We all know who grumpy cat is or how to do the SoldierBoy Superman for that very reason!!)  That is on a much larger scale than me just rambling to my friends and family or even speaking to someone randomly that I meet in the street!!!!

I practice meditation daily and since this was a point of high emotion I brought it to my meditation. I asked for clarity on what it is I should be doing and how to go about it and two things happened….I REALLY understood the concept that God never gives us more than we can handle . They wouldn’t put on my heart to do this task if I could not do it. Plain and simple.  The second thing was fear is not real!!!!! (That phrase often causes me to say it multiple times in a semi screaming voice lol. It is such a shocking, yet simple truth)  one of the lessons in A Course in Miracles is “A meaningless world engenders fear because I think I am in competition with God.”   Fear is based on not trusting God. It is impossible to simultaneously know that they will catch you if you step out on faith and they will let you fall if you step out on faith at the same time. So….I picked my side.  I stepped out. So far, it’s working out for me. 🙂  Any help no matter how small I can offer to anyone for their personal growth and development gives me purpose so thank you for even taking the time to read my thoughts. I greatly appreciate it. 

I met a guy on the train one day and we got into a really deep conversation about consciousness and spirituality.  In that conversation I told him we are all here (on the train) by design, it’s not a coincidences that this specific grouping of people are on this train with us right now. To that he said  something like well what makes me so special for all of these people to be here for me, isn’t that arrogant?  He was looking at it from the view that  if you think that way you believe the world revolves around you. I explained to him from my perspective it was more about me determining not only what it is I am supposed to be getting from this moment but also what I am supposed to be giving to this moment. And so I simply said because we are all here together I wish everyone on this train love and peace.  Yes I realize how much of a hippie that makes me sound like but I believe people who are classified as “hippies” got it right!!! (by right I mean right for me)

For me the thought of tuning out, putting in my headphones and not thinking of all the other people on the train who were specifically put here for a reason would be selfish of me. I have to stay present and aware and offer myself to the world however I am able (The side note being you can only offer yourself to your capacity.  You cannot fill another person’s cup if yours is empty so only give what you have to give, never more, and you will find this type of giving fills your cup not depletes it 🙂

You begin to feel that you can’t keep your gifts to yourself, whatever they may be. Give the world what you have to been given and you’ll always end up getting more out of it than you put in. As such, I decided I am of service to humanity.  I will surrender and give myself without fear and all will be well.

Peace and Love ❤

For the conscious/spiritual developing bookworm :D

I love to read!!!! For me, reading expands and grows me, it validates things I may second guess in my own thoughts and it’s just overall something I have enjoyed since I was a child 🙂

If reading is your thing I’d highly recommend the following books:

Although I already mentioned it Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks (Jerry and Esther Hicks) literally busted my mind open. It started me on this amazing journey that is getting to know myself and God first hand

A Course in Miracles by The Foundation for Inner Peace.  I’m still working through this one.  I’ve found that in my specific path I don’t feel the need to read it cover to cover, I do however enjoy the lessons it teaches (you are supposed to study one lesson each day) and the teaching manual

The Finding of the Third Eye by Vera Stanley Adler.  This I found amazing because it was originally published in 1938 but is very much so applicable and relevant to today. As a result of reading this book I was skyrocketed in a million different directions!! It lead me to read The Egyptian Book of the Dead as well as The Tibetian Book of the DeadThe Teachings of Ptahhotep, The twelve labours of Hercules. and a very insightful article on Pelmanism which all helped in my expansion 🙂

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Another book that gave me growth and made me just that much better.  The subtitle of the book is “A practical guide to personal freedom” It’s not lying lol

Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality by John Magnus.  This one all I can really say is once you begin to really expand you may find you want to get your feet wet in all the cool abilities of your mind.  It’s a book about out of body experiences, learning how to have them and what to do when you do.

A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This I read with one of my best friends because we have a “book club” it came at the perfect time for me and I was able to take just what  I needed at that moment.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  I am definitely enjoying this read.  Although technically it’s a fictional story it doesn’t take away from the very real spiritual/consciousness development stages.

As for the following books, they may on the surface seem to be only for entertainment at which point you may discard the value they may have on one’s spiritual development but one thing I have learned is insight can be found in all things and all people. In The Teachings of Ptahhotep, he states “Good speech is more hidden than greenstone (emeralds), yet it may be found among maids at the grindstones.” What I took from that was never discount someone’s ability to impart valuable wisdom to you based on their appearance or standings.  God moves and speaks through all of us which includes those we categorize as people who create things on a superficial level (i.e. for entertainment purposes)

THe Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Susanne Collins

Divergent , Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronia Roth

Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the Harry Potter Books!!!! Those books are about Love!!!!! It’s really beautiful when you are able to actually see it 🙂

and when you’re tired of reading there’s always writing your own books!!! I’d totally recommend journaling as part of your spiritual development. It’s actually how this blog ever even started!! 😉

Have a great day my lovelies!!

The Devil, God, and The Law of Attraction

I no longer subscribe to the concept of the devil. I have been highly blessed to make a “face to face” connection with God. God is pure awesomeness and only wants what is best for us. The Bible wasn’t lying when it said “I know the plans I have for you…Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future” THAT’S the God I know. I have been blessed with the wisdom to fully grasp what the law of attraction is on a very deep and personal level.  As a result of those two things the devil no longer is a logical thought for me.

It’s hard to explain the law of attraction without over simplifying it or making it too complicated so here’s to trying to find that sweet spot:

*God (insert your God label here) has created us

*It’s just them i.e. no counter to all the goodness that is God (aka the devil.)

*God gives us the free will to choose if/when and how much we would like to connect and access them in all their pure unyielding love and goodness (now’s a good time to remember even if you turn as far away from them as you can you can never fully remove yourself from that connection because we are all of and from God)

*What I feel a lot of us don’t realize (through no fault of our own) is that the same awesome God who created us gives us creative license to make our lives anyway we want!!!! You’ve heard a million times life is what you make it, you are the creator of your destiny, what you think about you bring about and tons of other phrases to that same effect, know why? Cause it’s true!!!!!

*The law of attraction comes into play here.

*The Law of Attraction says everything that happens in your life experience good or bad you have created yourself.(because he give you the ability to create!!)

*You have more control and power over what happens in your life than you may realize. We as humanity have been raised to live life on autopilot. By autopilot I mean the belief that you have no control and your fate is in the hands of a God that is separate from you?

**Quick but relative tangent**

  • This is where the shaking of one’s core beliefs comes into play so once again I’ll remind you to take it back to meditation and see what your God tells you 🙂
    *We are God. (I know that statement is slightly uncomfortable for those of us that were raised in religious institutions which teaches that God is separate from us.)
  • Religion teaches us we were created in God’s image.  We see that in the general belief that all good things and qualities in humanity are where we see God work. God works in, through and around us all the time.
  • Religion also throws a little asterisk next to that acknowledgement by saying BUT God is separate from lowly little humans. I now respectfully disagree.
  • My truth is I am of and from God. I am worthy and adored (as are you :)) Jesus knew that little tid bit which is why he spent his life teaching others.  But I digress….

*Anything you ask God for >>think about<< God will deliver >>bring about<<  every single time. no exceptions.  If people would accept the concept that there are no such things as coincidence it would be substantially easier to grasp that.  When you don’t believe in coincidences you take responsibility for the happenings in your life.  When you take responsibility for the happenings in your life you accept you are the creator of your reality.  When you accept  you are the creator of your reality in combination with the idea that you are created in God’s image you can’t see yourself as separate from God. And when you view that all that way there is just no room for the devil. 🙂

*So now here we are, conscious creators of our reality….I would try to go further into the law of attraction from here but hey,  I know my limits and wouldn’t do it justice lol.  I’d recommend you check out some of the following things below.

Here’s to wishing you much soul growth and expansion with this post ❤

God, Body and Soul

What I’ve learned about the soul is as follows:

Our souls are customized pieces of God.  God is infinite.  They*he/she/whomever* have no limit of combinations of what we view as characteristics.  Much like a master chef they add different ingredients to make the delicious dish that is our customized souls.  This is reflected in the fact that no two people are ever going to be 100% alike no matter how many similarities they hold.

We take our customized souls and put them into the physical body.  Now we’re body and soul BUT WAIT!!! They aren’t done there, in addition to our body and soul we are given  an emotional guidance system it’s sort of like your direct line to God.  The better you feel the more you are connected, the worst you feel the less you are connected.

I find it important for people to understand God is nothing but pure awesomeness (for lack of better words lol) God is only love, peace, joy, forgiveness, caring, thoughtfulness and all the beautiful qualities we see in the world.  We as individuals have the option to tap into the constant flow of Love he sends to us or to turn away from it but it’s ALWAYS THERE. The gratitude I feel knowing that fact is nearly indescribable

Emotional Guidance System


I am an empath and I am a woman.  The concept of emotions is not a foreign one to me lol!

*in the event you’re curious about what it is to be an empath check out this article, although I generally disagree with one size fits all listing it is helpful in getting validation about things you’ve probably already know about yourself which ultimately helps you grow 🙂*
We are all fitted with an emotional guidance system which sort of serves as your personal meter to know how aligned you are with God.  The better you feel the more you are aligned, the worst you feel the less you are aligned. *An important side note being no matter how low on the meter you are, you still can never fully disconnect with God….EVER–which is beautifully awesome to me.
A side note to the side note is also to remember that free will is very much so real.  If you have ever looked at something and said “how could God allow this to happen?” Free will is the answer.  They don’t force anyone to connect and align with them, they allows everyone to connect and align with them so when you see things in people that are vicious or hateful you can likely be assure that individual has opted not to connect and align…aka don’t blame God for stuff lol
Back to our emotions!
*Thanks Abe and Esther!!*
You are always feeling SOMETHING in every waking moment.  It is your job to be mindful of your feelings in order to keep them moving forward in a positive direction.  When you are feeling good, good things come to you.  *A discussion about the law of attraction will also be had just not now lol*
I believe this so much so that I actually got this lovely tattoo as a reminder 🙂  the heart beats on average 75 times in a minute (resting) that gives you 75 times every minute of your day to be aware of your feelings.  That is AT LEAST 57,600 opportunities to connect yourself with God a day!!! It’s amazing really!?
All in all never discount your own feelings.  Never let anyone else discount them either.  Whatever you are feeling in any given moment is valid.  Strive for positive feelings because that’s how you get close to God and what could be better than that!?