Thanks James Redfield!

I have recently completed reading The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Simply put I loved it and would of course recommend people check it out.

As a result of reading this book I was able to appreciate at the core of my being a bigger picture.  I was able to understand truly why I love and enjoy reading so much. Every single book I read finds a way to expand me in a direction I was not able to see prior to it.  Every book I dig into and explore (by way of reading in combination with my practice of meditation) drives me deeper into my spiritual development.

I no longer believe in coincidences so I know that it is solely by cosmic design (God if you will) that I am always lead to exactly what I need at the precise time I need it in order to further expand myself.  This further encourages me to want to write; if for not solely for the gratitude of this amazing soul experience of my own but in hopes that I am able to help someone expand  in their own spiritual experience. I sincerely enjoy being able to point someone in the right direction for their own spiritual development ❤

The book goes about explaining nine insights of spiritual development by way of a fictional adventure.

I believe spirit science did a very good job of explaining the insights you can check it out below

Related to reading The Celestine Prophecy I really wanted to touch on the 4 Control Dramas.  The comprehension of the way people relate to each other in competition of acquiring energy caused me to look at my own control drama as well as my parents.  It further caused me to understand exactly why my spiritual being came into physical existence through my specific parents.  Mind blowing is an understatement for this realization.  in the link below James Redfield explains control dramas and energy relations 🙂

much love!

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