For the conscious/spiritual developing bookworm :D

I love to read!!!! For me, reading expands and grows me, it validates things I may second guess in my own thoughts and it’s just overall something I have enjoyed since I was a child 🙂

If reading is your thing I’d highly recommend the following books:

Although I already mentioned it Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks (Jerry and Esther Hicks) literally busted my mind open. It started me on this amazing journey that is getting to know myself and God first hand

A Course in Miracles by The Foundation for Inner Peace.  I’m still working through this one.  I’ve found that in my specific path I don’t feel the need to read it cover to cover, I do however enjoy the lessons it teaches (you are supposed to study one lesson each day) and the teaching manual

The Finding of the Third Eye by Vera Stanley Adler.  This I found amazing because it was originally published in 1938 but is very much so applicable and relevant to today. As a result of reading this book I was skyrocketed in a million different directions!! It lead me to read The Egyptian Book of the Dead as well as The Tibetian Book of the DeadThe Teachings of Ptahhotep, The twelve labours of Hercules. and a very insightful article on Pelmanism which all helped in my expansion 🙂

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.  Another book that gave me growth and made me just that much better.  The subtitle of the book is “A practical guide to personal freedom” It’s not lying lol

Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality by John Magnus.  This one all I can really say is once you begin to really expand you may find you want to get your feet wet in all the cool abilities of your mind.  It’s a book about out of body experiences, learning how to have them and what to do when you do.

A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. This I read with one of my best friends because we have a “book club” it came at the perfect time for me and I was able to take just what  I needed at that moment.

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  I am definitely enjoying this read.  Although technically it’s a fictional story it doesn’t take away from the very real spiritual/consciousness development stages.

As for the following books, they may on the surface seem to be only for entertainment at which point you may discard the value they may have on one’s spiritual development but one thing I have learned is insight can be found in all things and all people. In The Teachings of Ptahhotep, he states “Good speech is more hidden than greenstone (emeralds), yet it may be found among maids at the grindstones.” What I took from that was never discount someone’s ability to impart valuable wisdom to you based on their appearance or standings.  God moves and speaks through all of us which includes those we categorize as people who create things on a superficial level (i.e. for entertainment purposes)

THe Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Susanne Collins

Divergent , Insurgent and Allegiant by Veronia Roth

Allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of the Harry Potter Books!!!! Those books are about Love!!!!! It’s really beautiful when you are able to actually see it 🙂

and when you’re tired of reading there’s always writing your own books!!! I’d totally recommend journaling as part of your spiritual development. It’s actually how this blog ever even started!! 😉

Have a great day my lovelies!!

2 thoughts on “For the conscious/spiritual developing bookworm :D

  1. Love this so much – thanks for recommending books for spiritual development, I’ve barely heard of any of them (which is a sign that I should read more out of my comfort zone, right?) and yes ALL the Harry Potter books! 😀


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