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Every since I was a little kid nature has always been fascinating to me. As a spiritually awaken adult I now understand(or remember rather) why that is so.

For me, nature is how God shows their ability to create peaceful perfection. There is never any effort in anything nature does. It let’s everything happen and grow with a timeless ease. Nature does not struggle, rush or force things.

I’m not sure when I lost touch with the fact that we are in fact included in that beautiful naturalness

but I’m ever grateful for now being able to remember.

Much love  ❤






The Devil, God, and The Law of Attraction

I no longer subscribe to the concept of the devil. I have been highly blessed to make a “face to face” connection with God. God is pure awesomeness and only wants what is best for us. The Bible wasn’t lying when it said “I know the plans I have for you…Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future” THAT’S the God I know. I have been blessed with the wisdom to fully grasp what the law of attraction is on a very deep and personal level.  As a result of those two things the devil no longer is a logical thought for me.

It’s hard to explain the law of attraction without over simplifying it or making it too complicated so here’s to trying to find that sweet spot:

*God (insert your God label here) has created us

*It’s just them i.e. no counter to all the goodness that is God (aka the devil.)

*God gives us the free will to choose if/when and how much we would like to connect and access them in all their pure unyielding love and goodness (now’s a good time to remember even if you turn as far away from them as you can you can never fully remove yourself from that connection because we are all of and from God)

*What I feel a lot of us don’t realize (through no fault of our own) is that the same awesome God who created us gives us creative license to make our lives anyway we want!!!! You’ve heard a million times life is what you make it, you are the creator of your destiny, what you think about you bring about and tons of other phrases to that same effect, know why? Cause it’s true!!!!!

*The law of attraction comes into play here.

*The Law of Attraction says everything that happens in your life experience good or bad you have created yourself.(because he give you the ability to create!!)

*You have more control and power over what happens in your life than you may realize. We as humanity have been raised to live life on autopilot. By autopilot I mean the belief that you have no control and your fate is in the hands of a God that is separate from you?

**Quick but relative tangent**

  • This is where the shaking of one’s core beliefs comes into play so once again I’ll remind you to take it back to meditation and see what your God tells you 🙂
    *We are God. (I know that statement is slightly uncomfortable for those of us that were raised in religious institutions which teaches that God is separate from us.)
  • Religion teaches us we were created in God’s image.  We see that in the general belief that all good things and qualities in humanity are where we see God work. God works in, through and around us all the time.
  • Religion also throws a little asterisk next to that acknowledgement by saying BUT God is separate from lowly little humans. I now respectfully disagree.
  • My truth is I am of and from God. I am worthy and adored (as are you :)) Jesus knew that little tid bit which is why he spent his life teaching others.  But I digress….

*Anything you ask God for >>think about<< God will deliver >>bring about<<  every single time. no exceptions.  If people would accept the concept that there are no such things as coincidence it would be substantially easier to grasp that.  When you don’t believe in coincidences you take responsibility for the happenings in your life.  When you take responsibility for the happenings in your life you accept you are the creator of your reality.  When you accept  you are the creator of your reality in combination with the idea that you are created in God’s image you can’t see yourself as separate from God. And when you view that all that way there is just no room for the devil. 🙂

*So now here we are, conscious creators of our reality….I would try to go further into the law of attraction from here but hey,  I know my limits and wouldn’t do it justice lol.  I’d recommend you check out some of the following things below.

Here’s to wishing you much soul growth and expansion with this post ❤