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The Power of Now and Pain Bodies

I’ve really been enjoying The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  As previously discussed this book brings to light how much of my time I have habitually spent outside of the present. It is something that comes so “naturally” to us that we don’t even realize that we do it.  We cannot change something that has happened in the past nor can we determine exactly how the events of our future will unfold, yet we spend so much of our time in those places!?

After this realization I’ve started to look at it as a fun sort of activity where I try to catch myself mentally wandering, it’s always refreshing to come back to “here” when I do.

“Here” is actually pretty awesome 🙂

The other spiritual expansion I have had with relation to this book is learning about what Eckhart refers to as Pain Bodies, here is his explanation of it.

In the book he states “This accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind.  If you look on it as an invisible entity in its own right, you are getting quite close to the truth”  To me, it was like he was finding another way to describe what some would view as the devil.  It made so much sense on both levels because essentially they are both saying this is something that is not truly OF YOU.

It is not of you because you are of God. 🙂

All negative emotions and pretty much anything you would consider of low vibration are not of the goodness you are truly made of.  As part of our decision to work on spiritual development/growth we have to be able to recognize these negative aspects to transmute getting “carried away” by them.  We also have to understand they are not a part of our true character nor nature.

We are not negative beings.  It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING actually.

He directs us further by saying “Watch out for any sign of unhappiness in yourself, in whatever form–it may be an awakening pain-body.  This can take form of irritation, impatience, a somber mood, a desire to hurt, anger, rage, depression, a need to have some drama in your relationship and so on.  Catch it the moment it awakens from it’s dormant state.” 

I promise you when you are able to catch it before it even gets going it begins to amaze you how quickly you are able to dissolve something with the potential to emotionally exhaust you!!! (I can’t even tell you how much this has helped with me avoiding getting into arguments or becoming impatient when waiting on a long line.)

And so…Thank you Eckhart Tolle for expanding my soul just that much more 😀

Love Love Loveeeeee

Self Worth

This realization is something that has helped me a lot and so I wanted to share it with you all just as a reminder if/when you ever are feeling down or blue for any reason.

 The fact that you are able to grasp your own consciousness(your recognition of the fact that you are alive in this physical body) is exactly the reason you should always feel of value and loved. The universe does not make mistakes or superfluous creations so your existence proves your value.

If you are capable of being aware of your own existence  (which clearly we all are) you are precious and of high value to the universe. You matter. Know that God doesn’t create superfluous things so being here shows your deservability.  Stop comparing yourself to those around you because you are complete and you are perfect as you are.  You are a unique reflection of God so take pride in your uniqueness and always make it your mission to be the best you that you are capable of being (whatever that may entail is totally up to you to decide 😀 )

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeee

The Devil, God, and The Law of Attraction

I no longer subscribe to the concept of the devil. I have been highly blessed to make a “face to face” connection with God. God is pure awesomeness and only wants what is best for us. The Bible wasn’t lying when it said “I know the plans I have for you…Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future” THAT’S the God I know. I have been blessed with the wisdom to fully grasp what the law of attraction is on a very deep and personal level.  As a result of those two things the devil no longer is a logical thought for me.

It’s hard to explain the law of attraction without over simplifying it or making it too complicated so here’s to trying to find that sweet spot:

*God (insert your God label here) has created us

*It’s just them i.e. no counter to all the goodness that is God (aka the devil.)

*God gives us the free will to choose if/when and how much we would like to connect and access them in all their pure unyielding love and goodness (now’s a good time to remember even if you turn as far away from them as you can you can never fully remove yourself from that connection because we are all of and from God)

*What I feel a lot of us don’t realize (through no fault of our own) is that the same awesome God who created us gives us creative license to make our lives anyway we want!!!! You’ve heard a million times life is what you make it, you are the creator of your destiny, what you think about you bring about and tons of other phrases to that same effect, know why? Cause it’s true!!!!!

*The law of attraction comes into play here.

*The Law of Attraction says everything that happens in your life experience good or bad you have created yourself.(because he give you the ability to create!!)

*You have more control and power over what happens in your life than you may realize. We as humanity have been raised to live life on autopilot. By autopilot I mean the belief that you have no control and your fate is in the hands of a God that is separate from you?

**Quick but relative tangent**

  • This is where the shaking of one’s core beliefs comes into play so once again I’ll remind you to take it back to meditation and see what your God tells you 🙂
    *We are God. (I know that statement is slightly uncomfortable for those of us that were raised in religious institutions which teaches that God is separate from us.)
  • Religion teaches us we were created in God’s image.  We see that in the general belief that all good things and qualities in humanity are where we see God work. God works in, through and around us all the time.
  • Religion also throws a little asterisk next to that acknowledgement by saying BUT God is separate from lowly little humans. I now respectfully disagree.
  • My truth is I am of and from God. I am worthy and adored (as are you :)) Jesus knew that little tid bit which is why he spent his life teaching others.  But I digress….

*Anything you ask God for >>think about<< God will deliver >>bring about<<  every single time. no exceptions.  If people would accept the concept that there are no such things as coincidence it would be substantially easier to grasp that.  When you don’t believe in coincidences you take responsibility for the happenings in your life.  When you take responsibility for the happenings in your life you accept you are the creator of your reality.  When you accept  you are the creator of your reality in combination with the idea that you are created in God’s image you can’t see yourself as separate from God. And when you view that all that way there is just no room for the devil. 🙂

*So now here we are, conscious creators of our reality….I would try to go further into the law of attraction from here but hey,  I know my limits and wouldn’t do it justice lol.  I’d recommend you check out some of the following things below.

Here’s to wishing you much soul growth and expansion with this post ❤

God, Body and Soul

What I’ve learned about the soul is as follows:

Our souls are customized pieces of God.  God is infinite.  They*he/she/whomever* have no limit of combinations of what we view as characteristics.  Much like a master chef they add different ingredients to make the delicious dish that is our customized souls.  This is reflected in the fact that no two people are ever going to be 100% alike no matter how many similarities they hold.

We take our customized souls and put them into the physical body.  Now we’re body and soul BUT WAIT!!! They aren’t done there, in addition to our body and soul we are given  an emotional guidance system it’s sort of like your direct line to God.  The better you feel the more you are connected, the worst you feel the less you are connected.

I find it important for people to understand God is nothing but pure awesomeness (for lack of better words lol) God is only love, peace, joy, forgiveness, caring, thoughtfulness and all the beautiful qualities we see in the world.  We as individuals have the option to tap into the constant flow of Love he sends to us or to turn away from it but it’s ALWAYS THERE. The gratitude I feel knowing that fact is nearly indescribable

Emotional Guidance System


I am an empath and I am a woman.  The concept of emotions is not a foreign one to me lol!

*in the event you’re curious about what it is to be an empath check out this article, although I generally disagree with one size fits all listing it is helpful in getting validation about things you’ve probably already know about yourself which ultimately helps you grow 🙂 http://themindunleashed.org/2013/10/30-traits-of-empath.html*
We are all fitted with an emotional guidance system which sort of serves as your personal meter to know how aligned you are with God.  The better you feel the more you are aligned, the worst you feel the less you are aligned. *An important side note being no matter how low on the meter you are, you still can never fully disconnect with God….EVER–which is beautifully awesome to me.
A side note to the side note is also to remember that free will is very much so real.  If you have ever looked at something and said “how could God allow this to happen?” Free will is the answer.  They don’t force anyone to connect and align with them, they allows everyone to connect and align with them so when you see things in people that are vicious or hateful you can likely be assure that individual has opted not to connect and align…aka don’t blame God for stuff lol
Back to our emotions!
*Thanks Abe and Esther!!*
You are always feeling SOMETHING in every waking moment.  It is your job to be mindful of your feelings in order to keep them moving forward in a positive direction.  When you are feeling good, good things come to you.  *A discussion about the law of attraction will also be had just not now lol*
I believe this so much so that I actually got this lovely tattoo as a reminder 🙂  the heart beats on average 75 times in a minute (resting) that gives you 75 times every minute of your day to be aware of your feelings.  That is AT LEAST 57,600 opportunities to connect yourself with God a day!!! It’s amazing really!?
All in all never discount your own feelings.  Never let anyone else discount them either.  Whatever you are feeling in any given moment is valid.  Strive for positive feelings because that’s how you get close to God and what could be better than that!?

What I learned about Indigo children, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhist

In my quest for understanding by way of spiritual development amazing things have been falling at my feet.  The law of attraction *which some may also know as Karma* is pretty awesome that way.  I ask for understanding and boyyyy did it flood me.

In that process I came to learn about what people call “indigo children” the long and short of it is they are spiritually aware and connected children–some are considered old souls also.  The definition of such children considered them to be special or select.  Not everyone is given such a gift so on and so forth.I believe I’m an indigo adult however, the concept of being an indigo is really no different than the concept of being a Muslim, Jewish or Christian.

There is no chosen or special group!

We all come from the same place!!! That place being God *once again remembering whomever you chose to call he/she/them is of no importance because it’s one in the same*  The difference between an Indigo and one who is not an Indigo is simply awareness.  People who are considered Indigo’s have either come back to or never left their connection with God.  As a result they have a higher sense of awareness *also known as consciousness*

The good news is we all have access to the same God 🙂 This is where a true understanding of free will becomes important.  We all have the same open access to the most amazing, caring, tender loving, peace filled, comforting, nurturing God.  It is up to each individual to determine how much of that they access. All you need do is ask that it reveal itself to you and before you know it you will live in the Love and Peace that is God.  It’s a amazing connection that unfortunately transcends words. *The unfortunate part being that even though I try to share how amazing it is you will never really know what it is until you personally experience it.*  Ultimately it’s of no matter really because all it takes is a desire to want that experience for yourself and an open heart and mind.  With those two things there is no way you will not get to meet God face to face 🙂

Meditate and Connect.

Tons of Love, Light and Joy to all ❤

Who God is *to me*

I have to take a moment to explain God just so we are all on the same page.

God is whomever you personally view God as.  There is no wrong there is no right because ultimately they are all the same thing with different packaging.

Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, Mother Nature, The Universe, Sources energy, Aliens and any other name you can think of are all the same thing so take your choice of label.  Whichever you feel the most comfortable with go ahead!!

When one can grasp the concept that there is NO ONE WAY up that spiritual mountain you spend a lot less time concerning yourself with someone else’s path and a lot more time focused on your individual walk because what it all comes down to is you’re using some many words to describe the same thing.