What I learned about Indigo children, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhist

In my quest for understanding by way of spiritual development amazing things have been falling at my feet.  The law of attraction *which some may also know as Karma* is pretty awesome that way.  I ask for understanding and boyyyy did it flood me.

In that process I came to learn about what people call “indigo children” the long and short of it is they are spiritually aware and connected children–some are considered old souls also.  The definition of such children considered them to be special or select.  Not everyone is given such a gift so on and so forth.I believe I’m an indigo adult however, the concept of being an indigo is really no different than the concept of being a Muslim, Jewish or Christian.

There is no chosen or special group!

We all come from the same place!!! That place being God *once again remembering whomever you chose to call he/she/them is of no importance because it’s one in the same*  The difference between an Indigo and one who is not an Indigo is simply awareness.  People who are considered Indigo’s have either come back to or never left their connection with God.  As a result they have a higher sense of awareness *also known as consciousness*

The good news is we all have access to the same God 🙂 This is where a true understanding of free will becomes important.  We all have the same open access to the most amazing, caring, tender loving, peace filled, comforting, nurturing God.  It is up to each individual to determine how much of that they access. All you need do is ask that it reveal itself to you and before you know it you will live in the Love and Peace that is God.  It’s a amazing connection that unfortunately transcends words. *The unfortunate part being that even though I try to share how amazing it is you will never really know what it is until you personally experience it.*  Ultimately it’s of no matter really because all it takes is a desire to want that experience for yourself and an open heart and mind.  With those two things there is no way you will not get to meet God face to face 🙂

Meditate and Connect.

Tons of Love, Light and Joy to all ❤

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