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I guess I should start by saying if you were thinking the TV show you’re in the wrong place lol.

Today I was reading and for “some reason” this word tickled something inside of me and I decided that I really like it.  *the side note here being I recognize the synchronicities that occur in my everyday life(the “some reason”) which let me know I’m on the right track as I grow spiritually yayyyyy!!

Supernatural: of, relating to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal.

Abnormal…..nothing viewed as abnormal is ever considered a good thing but when I broke the word apart it took on new meaning for me.

I now see supernatural as being soooooo(super if you will) connected in mind, body and spirit to God that you are able to form the reality that you prefer in such an effortless manner that it becomes impossible to explain from a normal perspective.  You’re attuned and fully connected.

It’s a beautiful place to be and so I have decided that as I continue to grow and develop that I will always strive to be supernatural ❤

Love Love Loveeeeee

If You Want More, Prepare for More

Speaks straight from and to my heart. Thanks Tara ❤

Tara Pook


It started with a dream.

I was preparing for Sunday Service at my family’s church as I had done times before. The speakers were ready, the microphones were in place. All that was missing were the chairs, and it was then that I realized we only had a handful of them scattered around the room. Definitely not enough for the next morning. Frustrated, I began pacing around because of how unprofessional everything looked.

How could I forget one of the most important details? Why wasn’t anyone else worried about this?

I eventually released some steam and sat down for a moment. Soon after I heard a voice say, “If you want more, then you have to prepare for more.”

And then I woke up.

I consider myself a dreamer, perhaps more of a daydreamer; so this vivid vision and audible voice awakened me from more than just sleep. It awakened…

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Say Thank You-Jill Scott

“Everybody can use a little help sometimes
C’mon you know things ain’t moving right
Ask for correction
Ask for direction
Ask for protection
Since you want to feel like you’re you

Say thank you

Say thank you

Cause you know your request is filled
You will see
So act accordingly
Live like you believe
And say thank you”

with that said Thank You Ms. Jill Scott ❤


I was fortunate enough to attend Afropunk yesterday with one of my friends….I felt so at home.   I want to call it a convention of kindred spirits because the atmosphere of the event was one of universal love. You come as you are and you are loved for it ❤ The strong sense of unity and black pride could not be missed.

The weather was wonderful, the people were beautiful(physically and spiritually) and the performances were amazinggggggggg.  I don’t know how I missed this festival before now(as it’s been happening for ten years) but I’m ultra grateful that I found it ❤


saw this billboard on my way there, what really put me in extra love was if you look closely written subtly under the word gratitude is a definition of courage.

“Courage [kurij, kuhr-] the quality of mind that enables a person to face danger with confidence, resolution and firm control of oneself”

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*I didn’t get any good pics of the performances–I was far back and really more concerned with being fully present in the experience but here are the few that I did take 🙂

Hell you Talmbout–Wondaland

I was fortunate enough to win admission to the free Eephus concert featuring Janelle Monae, Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty and Roman GianArthur. To say the show was amazing was an understatement. They are such a unique group of beautiful people and definitely look forward to what is to come for all of these artist. At the end of the show they closed with “Hell You Talmabout” and it spoke straight to(and from) my heart.  I sincerely appreciate the whole Wondaland crew for using their voices and platform to be the voice for so many of us that are not heard.

October 10th, 2015 

Morgan Carson: Affirmations of a Goddess

My friend knows that I’m into coloring as part of my active meditation practice so she sent me a free downloadable PDF of art by Morgan Carson.  It comes with three affirmations/drawings and instructions for mindful coloring.  I’m grateful to Morgan for sharing her art with the world, as such I wanted to continue sharing it.

Not only did the coloring book speak to me but I checked out her blog and ended up finding another one of my spirit friends 🙂 She understands the best things occur through interaction/co-creation with others and encourages you to connect and play with her (which I love)

Here’s one of the completed works 🙂


Peace and Love ❤

Conscious Cleanse

As part of my continued effort to improve my relationship with my body and increase my body awareness I have really fallen in love with Yoga.  It’s such a beautiful art and I am very happy that I have began to practice more consistently. I came across an ad for the Gaiam TV Conscious Cleanse about a month ago and was vaguely interested but didn’t look into it seriously.  Long story short, it lingered in the back of my mind and resurfaced at the (always) perfect time.

I decided today would be the perfect day to begin.  It is the first day of a new month which gives me that “fresh start” vibe. Also, the blue moon yesterday allowed me to capitalize on my desire to usher out things that no longer serve the person I am growing into(namely my not-always-so-clean eating habits).

Gaiam TV offers their service for $.99 the first month, if you enjoy the service there’s a monthly subscription fee.

What I was expecting: I knew Gaiam was a brand that sold yoga and fitness equipment but that was pretty much it,  I thought it was strictly an online yoga subscription so in my mind, I was going to do the month and then cancel the subscription. (yeah I know, it’s kinda terrible but I’m being honest lol.)

What it is: Oh baby!??! It’s like the hippie’s version of Netflix!!!! How am I just discovering this awesomeness!??! It does have yoga workouts but it also has meditations, documentaries, reading materials and so much more!!!! I definitely look forward to feeling out the website during this trail 😀

Here is the link that gives the details of the cleanse

Although I am only on day one I can say I appreciate the structure of the cleanse. It gives you a good variety of options on food you can eat, slowly eases you into the clean eating, encourages you to drink more water and the first day of yoga was inspiring.

Here is to 14 days to a more fit version of me 😀