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Morgan Carson: Affirmations of a Goddess

My friend knows that I’m into coloring as part of my active meditation practice so she sent me a free downloadable PDF of art by Morgan Carson.  It comes with three affirmations/drawings and instructions for mindful coloring.  I’m grateful to Morgan for sharing her art with the world, as such I wanted to continue sharing it.


Not only did the coloring book speak to me but I checked out her blog and ended up finding another one of my spirit friends 🙂 She understands the best things occur through interaction/co-creation with others and encourages you to connect and play with her (which I love)

Here’s one of the completed works 🙂


Peace and Love ❤

Art Therapy

I’ve been playing a lot more with being present and so I’ve been looking for ways to increase the amount of “time” in which I am HERE.   If you ever watch a little kid coloring you can’t help but notice how intensely they concentrate, they give their total attention and focus to the task.  With that small inspiration I decided I wanted to use coloring as part of my meditation.

I got a really cool Mandala coloring book on Amazon and have been enjoying it


Chakra inspired