Art Therapy

I’ve been playing a lot more with being present and so I’ve been looking for ways to increase the amount of “time” in which I am HERE.   If you ever watch a little kid coloring you can’t help but notice how intensely they concentrate, they give their total attention and focus to the task.  With that small inspiration I decided I wanted to use coloring as part of my meditation.

I got a really cool Mandala coloring book on Amazon and have been enjoying it


Chakra inspired




4 thoughts on “Art Therapy

    1. I think it’s a few things, something about the rhythm of going back and forth with the crayon quiets my mind so I’m totally focused and present. That and you are seeing something you are creating in real time. When I start it never really looks like anything but as I keep going it takes on “a life of it’s own” and once it’s finished it’s always just nice to see something complete that I’ve done.


      1. I was browsing a book store yesterday and some coloring books ‘for adults’ manifested in front of me. Bought one! Sharpened my colored pencils too. 🙂


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