Conscious Cleanse

As part of my continued effort to improve my relationship with my body and increase my body awareness I have really fallen in love with Yoga.  It’s such a beautiful art and I am very happy that I have began to practice more consistently. I came across an ad for the Gaiam TV Conscious Cleanse about a month ago and was vaguely interested but didn’t look into it seriously.  Long story short, it lingered in the back of my mind and resurfaced at the (always) perfect time.

I decided today would be the perfect day to begin.  It is the first day of a new month which gives me that “fresh start” vibe. Also, the blue moon yesterday allowed me to capitalize on my desire to usher out things that no longer serve the person I am growing into(namely my not-always-so-clean eating habits).

Gaiam TV offers their service for $.99 the first month, if you enjoy the service there’s a monthly subscription fee.

What I was expecting: I knew Gaiam was a brand that sold yoga and fitness equipment but that was pretty much it,  I thought it was strictly an online yoga subscription so in my mind, I was going to do the month and then cancel the subscription. (yeah I know, it’s kinda terrible but I’m being honest lol.)

What it is: Oh baby!??! It’s like the hippie’s version of Netflix!!!! How am I just discovering this awesomeness!??! It does have yoga workouts but it also has meditations, documentaries, reading materials and so much more!!!! I definitely look forward to feeling out the website during this trail 😀

Here is the link that gives the details of the cleanse

Although I am only on day one I can say I appreciate the structure of the cleanse. It gives you a good variety of options on food you can eat, slowly eases you into the clean eating, encourages you to drink more water and the first day of yoga was inspiring.

Here is to 14 days to a more fit version of me 😀

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