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Justice or Else–Million Man March 20th Anniversary

This weekend I went to the Justice or Else Rally.  The amount of Love, Unity and Peace expressed at the march is something that exceeds verbal description.  It was a true display of God Love at it’s finest.  I love my people ❤


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even my self mastery cards felt it.  I pray for more caring and compassion for our people as we all grow in our journey for self love and self knowledge.


Love was everywhere.



Peace to all my brothers from the Nation of Islam ❤

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my beautiful young brothers were out in droves ❤

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we. were. there.


A father on his knee to allow his daughter to sit down.  He also gave his knee for his wife. ❤


A group of black male mentors and his mentees.  We do have positive male role models out there ❤


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Soooooooo much love and respect to you sir. Thank you for planting beautiful seeds and deeds within the spirits of Millions.  We hear you. We see you. We love you!!!

Hell you Talmbout–Wondaland

I was fortunate enough to win admission to the free Eephus concert featuring Janelle Monae, Jidenna, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty and Roman GianArthur. To say the show was amazing was an understatement. They are such a unique group of beautiful people and definitely look forward to what is to come for all of these artist. At the end of the show they closed with “Hell You Talmabout” and it spoke straight to(and from) my heart.  I sincerely appreciate the whole Wondaland crew for using their voices and platform to be the voice for so many of us that are not heard.

October 10th, 2015