Emotional Guidance System


I am an empath and I am a woman.  The concept of emotions is not a foreign one to me lol!

*in the event you’re curious about what it is to be an empath check out this article, although I generally disagree with one size fits all listing it is helpful in getting validation about things you’ve probably already know about yourself which ultimately helps you grow 🙂 http://themindunleashed.org/2013/10/30-traits-of-empath.html*
We are all fitted with an emotional guidance system which sort of serves as your personal meter to know how aligned you are with God.  The better you feel the more you are aligned, the worst you feel the less you are aligned. *An important side note being no matter how low on the meter you are, you still can never fully disconnect with God….EVER–which is beautifully awesome to me.
A side note to the side note is also to remember that free will is very much so real.  If you have ever looked at something and said “how could God allow this to happen?” Free will is the answer.  They don’t force anyone to connect and align with them, they allows everyone to connect and align with them so when you see things in people that are vicious or hateful you can likely be assure that individual has opted not to connect and align…aka don’t blame God for stuff lol
Back to our emotions!
*Thanks Abe and Esther!!*
You are always feeling SOMETHING in every waking moment.  It is your job to be mindful of your feelings in order to keep them moving forward in a positive direction.  When you are feeling good, good things come to you.  *A discussion about the law of attraction will also be had just not now lol*
I believe this so much so that I actually got this lovely tattoo as a reminder 🙂  the heart beats on average 75 times in a minute (resting) that gives you 75 times every minute of your day to be aware of your feelings.  That is AT LEAST 57,600 opportunities to connect yourself with God a day!!! It’s amazing really!?
All in all never discount your own feelings.  Never let anyone else discount them either.  Whatever you are feeling in any given moment is valid.  Strive for positive feelings because that’s how you get close to God and what could be better than that!?

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