God, Body and Soul

What I’ve learned about the soul is as follows:

Our souls are customized pieces of God.  God is infinite.  They*he/she/whomever* have no limit of combinations of what we view as characteristics.  Much like a master chef they add different ingredients to make the delicious dish that is our customized souls.  This is reflected in the fact that no two people are ever going to be 100% alike no matter how many similarities they hold.

We take our customized souls and put them into the physical body.  Now we’re body and soul BUT WAIT!!! They aren’t done there, in addition to our body and soul we are given  an emotional guidance system it’s sort of like your direct line to God.  The better you feel the more you are connected, the worst you feel the less you are connected.

I find it important for people to understand God is nothing but pure awesomeness (for lack of better words lol) God is only love, peace, joy, forgiveness, caring, thoughtfulness and all the beautiful qualities we see in the world.  We as individuals have the option to tap into the constant flow of Love he sends to us or to turn away from it but it’s ALWAYS THERE. The gratitude I feel knowing that fact is nearly indescribable

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