Self Worth

This realization is something that has helped me a lot and so I wanted to share it with you all just as a reminder if/when you ever are feeling down or blue for any reason.

 The fact that you are able to grasp your own consciousness(your recognition of the fact that you are alive in this physical body) is exactly the reason you should always feel of value and loved. The universe does not make mistakes or superfluous creations so your existence proves your value.

If you are capable of being aware of your own existence  (which clearly we all are) you are precious and of high value to the universe. You matter. Know that God doesn’t create superfluous things so being here shows your deservability.  Stop comparing yourself to those around you because you are complete and you are perfect as you are.  You are a unique reflection of God so take pride in your uniqueness and always make it your mission to be the best you that you are capable of being (whatever that may entail is totally up to you to decide 😀 )

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeee

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