(I particularly like this image because the B is also a heart 🙂 Great Tattoo idea whomever came up with it)

So we live in a world where standard protocol is see to believe.  Everyday I learn it’s definitely believe to see.  Believe good things can and will happen. It’s not your job to determine how these things will come about. Remember that. You don’t have to know all the steps just know if you put it out there and are presently aware your path will be smoothly laid.

Believing before seeing has become my new practice. (I use the word practice because it’s just that, I don’t always get it right but the more I make a mindful effort the more naturally the habit is becoming) Our pitfall tends to come in the not knowing how something will work out.  We want to know!? We have to know?!?!?!? What if it’s not going to turn out right?!?!?! Wrong! Things will always turn out right!!!!

Trust the process. (Trust in the universe/God’s(whomever you may call them) ability to deliver because they ALWAYS deliver.

Lastly, Believe in yourself.

Trust yourself a little more. I know it’s a little scary at first but the core of you knows you and will direct you to where you need to be.  That’s the God in you!! Trust your gut, it’s never wrong and always know that everything is working in your best interest at this very moment regardless of if you can see how it is or not.

Love Love Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to all!

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