Solffegio Frequencies

As part of my meditation practices I personally enjoy listening to music as a way to begin to quiet my mind.  YouTube recommends videos based on your viewing history and at some point I came into Solffegio Frequency meditations. Without doing any real research of what it was or what it did I found that the meditations I would do when listening to these frequencies would always leave me feeling centered (which is awesome of course)

You can check out my favorite playlist below 🙂

After some time I decided to do some research into what these frequencies really did for me vibrationally figuring it was a cool area to continue in my soul expansion and development. I was lead to an amazing website which (as expected) expanded and reshaped my understanding of this beautiful life experience.

I’d of course recommend you read the article to see what you personally draw from it (if you are reading this article you were lead here specifically for me to share that article with you,  because that’s how this all works 😀 lol)

This article offered me multiple things:

*A better understanding of the 97% of DNA that we don’t use.  Consider our five senses and their combination resulting in the physical world we perceive.  I believe that just because something cannot be perceived through our five senses does not mean that it does not exist at all.  That’s essentially what my spiritual development is! Exploring the space outside of my physical (3rd dimensional)  world. It stands to reason  then that the 97% of unread DNA is just that! All energies and experiences to be had outside of our physical! I believe that’s what this new awakening is really about, uncoding more of our DNA so we can see and understand that outside of the physical further causing us to evolve as a human race.

Semi related to this topic brought back a TedX talk by Rupert Sheldrake I had watched.  The entirety of the speech is pretty thought provoking but some of my personal resonating points were his discussing of collective memory (8 minutes or so in) and his belief that everything taps into their species collective memory as a blue print to grow and develop…sounds DNA like doesn’t it!  (check it out below)

*I also expanded in my understanding of quantum physics in relation to spirituality (who would think right?!) I’m no science buff but I’ll do my best to explain what I learned.  Essentially you can’t pinpoint the location of an electron.  When one tries they have to apply light to it in order to see it BUT that light charges the atom which causes it to spin at speeds that are too fast to be seen.  From there they began to look at electron location a few ways one of which was by probability.  An electron can be one of a few places but what they would find is they could predict which place it would be and when they looked, there it was! This drew the spiritual correlation in my mind because it’s your thought that is determining the placement (i.e. the law of attraction placing it where you are thinking it should be.) The other thing science fiddled with was the idea of multiple dimensions. It’s to say that that one atom is in all the places you think it is and at any given time we are only able to view it in one place at a time.  This is an idea I’m still playing with, I’ll let you know if it develops any further lol.

The other part related to quantum physics is the discussion of the “empty” space between the atoms. I learned that space is not in fact empty but full of energy!! The great nothing that is in fact everything!!!  It’s creation, it’s potential and it’s love!!!

*I also dug deeper into Cymatics and understanding the results of the different frequencies as well as the significance of  ‘UT – queant laxis’ you guys can check those out on your own 🙂

I’d implore anyone to explore any other topic that may personally resonate for your own expansion and development, I’d love to hear what else was drawn from it 🙂 We’re all teachers and students and I looooooooooooooooooooove my learning experience so feel free to share ❤

Peace and Love all!

p.s. I just ran across this video on Youtube that is compiled of a bunch of his interviews and it made my heart ring!!! The unifying theme of the video definitely interrelates with some of the things I discussed in this post and flatly I find him amazing so I had to share ❤

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