The Golden Current That is Mass Consciousness

While reading Astral Projection by John Magnus. He puts into words the experience that he has had connecting with mass consciousness.  I use the words “connecting with mass consciousness” while he uses the words “removing the mind veil” This is the beauty of the spiritual journey. There are so many ways to describe the exact same experience. That is the reason I am able to look at the word God and know that it embodies all things. Whomever you chose to call him/her/them/it isn’t the important part, it’s the actual experience that unites us all.

He calls it the mind veil, in The Four Agreements it’s described as “Mitote”,  and even in the movie “The Matrix” it’s called the matrix!!!

He describes how when you are connected to the greater consciousness you see everything so clearly.  You can see both problems and solutions and the frustration that comes with trying to put this experience in words because it surpasses human vocabulary.  That’s also the beauty of the spiritual journey.  You begin to understand on a level that surpasses our verbal understanding and although it does, it does not surpass our spiritual understanding. This is also a concept that I have found in The Finding of the Third Eye in terms of the explanations of the interconnected planes the soul exist on.

That is  how my interest in the astral projection book was sparked! You’ll start to notice with me that everything is very tightly interconnected.  I make it my intention to grow as effortlessly as possible which includes following the subtle queues that lead me to an understanding of this entire experience. Anything that “rings” to me or calls me to further research just sends me deeper and deeper down this awesome rabbit hole but I digress.

The “struggle” that is associated with this experience is once you have actually had it you want to share it with everyone!!!  You  want everyone to have this same experience because it’s so amazingly beautiful that it shouldn’t be contained.  That’s why I write.  That’s why other writes, it’s why some sing, some do interpretive dance, some act, some paint, some draw.  Everyone is entitled to express this experience however they best see fit. Personally, I want to encourage as many people as possible to take on their individual journey so they may attain this beautiful life experience.  To me, as a result of my own experience I believe that is the meaning of life.

Someone else who has the same underlying experience may get something entirely different out of it and that experience is equally beautiful. You can’t help but to be overtaken by the loss of yourself.  You are no longer you, the individual.  You are everything and everyone.  You embody all, we are all one.  It removes judgment from you because you only have a desire to live your life to the best of your ability and allow those around you to live their life to the best of theirs. Live and let live takes on that surpassed verbal explanation. While reading and thinking this all over I was reminded of a speech Jim Carrey gave in which he described it as riding a wave. I had seen this speech before but watching it this time had meant something completely different to me because I have had my own experience with the greater collective consciousness he is referring to.

He explained the ups and downs associated with making that full connection and what it is like when you “come back down” from it.  John Magnus describes it as the mind veil being replaced.

I tend to think of that connection as being absorbed into a great golden current.  That current is the mass consciousness.


(this is how I visually imagine it but it’s also flowing–I’m one for visual emphasis you’ll also notice)

You are able to connect to every being in history that has ever accessed that same consciousness. You are able to understand on that surpassed verbal level all true thought and intentions of life.  It gives you such a burning desire to not only access it on a continuous basis but an incredible hope that everyone will eventually access it as well.  When you come “back down” it’s like you have jumped out of that beautiful current back into whatever it is we tend to live prior to that experience. Let me tell you, the striving to get back there is real but now I’m starting to believe if you try less and allow it to happen more you’ll make your way back to it with a little effort as possible.

So now I’ve done all this rambling explaining  the experience, the real question is how do I get there????

To that I say…I don’t know lol.

I can’t tell you how you can get there because I am not you.  The way I “got there” was through reading, meditation and finely attuning myself to what is being presented to me (and for what reason) My expansion is not your expansion.  Maybe you will access it through church, maybe through music, maybe through  sports whatever it is is not for me to decide. You know you.

What I can tell you though is all it really takes to start is the desire for that experience.  I traced back my steps to see how I got to this point in my spiritual development and it all started with me saying to God “I want to get to know you better” The way they orchestrated everything from that point is beyond divine.  All you need do is ask and watch how God will show you YOUR way there. In that moment you will remember there is no one way up the mountain.

Love Love Love ❤

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