Dandelions and Time Lapses

Once while on a plane I was  watching the sun set and was struck with the thought of how effortlessly life unfolds for me.  (The key to this all being the amount you allow it to be effortless–aka stop trying to micromanage God, they’ve got you. Trust me lol)

It came after something very simple actually, my boyfriend and I were heading out of town and as we were walking towards our seats I was hoping for a window seat (mostly for him because although I like the window it’s not a deal breaker for me.)  As we approached we took note of the numbers….he was an aisle and I was a center. C’est La Vie ::shrugs::   I didn’t think much of it but before I could even sit down the man in the window seat in our row asked if either of us wanted the window! He stated he had seen all there was to see so it wasn’t a big deal and just like that we had our window! Maybe it’s just my appreciation of the little things but that small occurrence rocked me with gratitude.

So as I sat peeping over my boyfriend’s shoulder out of the window (cause of course he got the actual window seat lol) These thoughts came to me.  When you look at a picture of a flower you are only seeing one moment in that flowers existence.  You can’t really tell anything about it other than the type of flower it is.


It’s not until you watch a time lapse video of that same flower you can grow a better appreciation of it’s life span and the ease at which it grows.

Watching the time lapse video of this dandelion really put into perspective the ease of which life unfolds for all of us.  When you watch it you can’t help but to notice it’s just existing.  It’s not rushing to get to the next stage, it’s not worried about how all the other dandelions are growing  comparatively, it’s not doing anything but living.  It offers no resistance or frustration and it still reaches it’s destination.  It becomes the flower that it is meant to be.

I realized then that I am that flower.

The less resistance I offer (by which I mean the less I try to micromanage God/the less I get frustrated when things don’t go EXACTLY as I plan them) the more effortless things come to me and that’s a beautiful realization to have.

I also found I have an extra fondness for dandelions now. Not only is beauty found in the common flower (some even call them weeds) but dandelions live two lives. 🙂  The yellow pedals bloom and close and you would think that is the end of the dandelion life but then they open again….They offer themselves to the world once more in the form of what I used to call “wishers” as a kid.  I would pick the second life flowers, make a wish and blow as hard as I could for the wishers (pollen) to carry my wish away.


They spread their seeds and start life anew. Thanks dandelions

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