The Life Journey


2 days ago or so I had a cup of Yogi Tea, I love Yogi tea particularly because their tea bag labels always drop little bits of wisdom for me to ponder on.

On this particular day The tea tag stated “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment” I played with the idea in my mind for a moment and my interpretation of it was that if you learn to enjoy every moment you will have a good life because you won’t spend time frustrated or being “negative.” I was satisfied with this thought and went about my regular day. Apparently this little tea tag was not done with me however. It crossed my mind  again this morning during meditation where the idea of enjoying every moment was being called  back to my feelings on being aware of one’s emotional state and being a “belief thief.”

Enjoying every moment is about alignment.  When you only hold on to beliefs that resonate with your soul you will enjoy life. If it’s not resonating with you then discard it!! free yourself up from trying to fit that round peg into the square hole. Find the round hole and be happy!!!

The other part of this coming together for me was in reading.  In Astral Projection John states “the universe is infinitely recursive” It resonated on such a deep level for me because I am now able to fully understand that there is no beginning or end to the universe.  When you know there is no end, you stop focusing on the end. You don’t worry about getting “there” because there is no there!!  There is only here.  The concept of there only being the present also reflects that.

If there is only now you allow yourself to appreciate life for what it is, a journey! 🙂

That is now what I now believe the author of my tea tag meant (even if he or she didn’t that’s what I received from it and since it made me feel good to figure it out it must be one of my natural state of being beliefs!!!–see how it all comes back around and around!!!!)

I spend many moments in gratitude for my spiritual development.

Love and Peace ❤

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