Virtual Reality and the Matrix

I can’t say enough how I love reading.  It affords me the opportunity to think. 🙂 (By think I mean observe a subject from all angles. This allows me to get a deeper understanding of the specific topic from an internal point of view. It can be looked at as an opportunity for me to challenge what it is I am observing, which ultimately allows me to figure out if that subject is a resonating truth within myself or not.)

So on this particular day I explored the subject of virtual reality.  The British Dictionary definitions for virtual reality is “a computer-generated environment that, to the person experiencing it,closely resembles reality.” In reading Astral Projection. He goes about explaining virtual reality by saying “Virtual reality is represented by information about the world.  The software does not contain the actual world itself….There is no world in the software (or anywhere else), only a description of the world”

I wanted to understand this, so I sat with it for a while to give the idea the opportunity to develop in my mind. In doing such “The Matrix”  came to mind because the premise of the movie is that we all live in a virtual world. From there I began to play with the idea further, if we live in a virtual world, how do we get out?  Is it truly like the matrix where you have to physically be unplugged from the virtual system to see the world as it is? How do I even manage such a task!?Some time later my answer came. It’s not about having to unplug from anything it’s about unlimiting our belief systems.

Although I understand it is a natural inclination to only believe what you can grasp in the physical, it results in everything outside of that physical existence being rejected. The core of my spiritual development/exploration on every level comes down to exploring what exist outside of our comfy(or not so comfy if you prefer) little physical world. I feel like exploring ideas within myself allows me to expand so much further than the physical world.  This gives me the opportunity to shape and reshape my mind and it’s thought process.  I realized my life purpose is to encourage others to take on their own personal journey because once you are able to expand past the scary part of it, it becomes more amazing than any words I could give you.

In spiritual expansion/development you will reach a point where you grow past fear.  It really comes down to when you know within yourself that you are ready to explore spiritually in spite of not knowing what awaits you on the other side of that exploration.  I can’t tell you when that time is but I can tell you if you decide within yourself that you are ready and you take that leap into the unknown something beautiful will open up to you/catch you before you fall. *Insert Matrix red pill/blue pill reference here–seeeeeee it’s always interconnected!!!*

When you take that step in spite of your fear, on the other side will be your personal realization that fear is not real. In that realization lies so much. You stop fearing the “consequence” of exploring outside of the physical world and you become okay with breaking ideas that once were the cornerstone of your existence. You begin to breakdown and rebuild your own belief system in a fashion that is customized for YOU and THAT is a beautiful way to live.

Coming back around to my point when you unlimit your mind from only believing what you can first see you have successfully “unplugged from the matrix”   You no longer fear concepts outside of our physical comprehension which causes expansion and growth within your soul.  For me, that is the fun and beauty of my existence.

Have fun exploring!!!!

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