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Think and Be

So in the beautiful and effortless unfolding of my life this morning I decide that I will write about a few things that I have been playing with in my mind lately. I open up the webpage and posted by Think Positive, Be Positive is this post that says “Think positive, be positive and positive things will happen”. My mind did a back flip!! This quote pulled together a few things I have been playing with over the past few days! (I can’t even explain the gratitude and love I feel when this happens. It’s amazing)

Think Positive:In my spiritual development I am learning what it truly means to think positive.  I understand now that positive thinking is not so much about trying hard to be happy all the time, it is becoming aware of your natural state of being.  The method for which is to pay attention to your emotions! Things that cause you to feel good are things that are letting you know you are aligned with your true state of being, where as things that make you feel poorly are not aligned with your natural state of being.  I then saw this video where Bashar explains what a belief thief is.This further deepened my understanding of the idea of what it is to think positive.  The short of it is things that don’t make you feel good emotionally are not aligned with your natural state of being. They are simply someone elses beliefs that you have picked up along the way.  (This is not to say that these beliefs are not in alignment for ANYONE they just aren’t in alignment for you)

Be Positive: When you are paying attention to your emotional state and learn the ability to “drop” beliefs that are not your own you can then more effortlessly stay aligned with your natural state of well being.  It becomes easier to no longer hold beliefs that do not suite you. You no longer feel the need to try to force yourself to fit into someone else’s “belief mold” (It sort of reminds me of when my friend borrowed a pair of shoes that I had worn in a little.  When she returned them she said she really liked the shoes but she realized she could only comfortably wear them if she “walked like me.”  It only worked if she fit into my “foot mold” which was not her “natural way of walking”) When you only carry beliefs that are true to your natural state of being you become the true you which is a positive being. 🙂

Positive things will happen: When you are fully able to live this way positive things cannot help but to come into your life experience because you are aligned with your true self.  This is essentially saying the same thing as my explanation of how your emotions let you know how close or far away you are from God.

That is part of the beauty of this all to me.  The same core messages continue to pour into me through so many different avenues.  This is how I know what I am learning is so sincere and true to me. 🙂

Have a wonderful day all ❤

Think Positive, Be Positive

Think and be positive!

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Time is on my side, yes it is.

We are taught from the beginning that time is linear, we look at the concept of time in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.  Lately I’ve been able to understand time in a different way which I find amazing.  Time relates to how long you stay present in a moment.  This explains why it can feel like you blink and a child you remember as baby is now full grown, it also explains why a work day can feel like an eternity. In that sense time isn’t fixed or linear it’s a view point from the present.

I just saw this video and it fell in line with this subject. Love it!