Soul relationships–soulmates, siblings and twin flames.

I write about this topic not because I understand it but rather I WANT to understand it. I believe we all have soulmates and that it can be more than one person.  The term soulmate tends to lean towards a romantic connection but I view it as something broader. For the sake of labeling I tend to call “non-romantic” connections my spirit friends or soul siblings .  It’s a connection that surpasses words where something in me will be lit up by something in someone else (and vice versa) They happen so frequently for me now that I am able to have this sort of connection with someone I just meet as easily as I connect with my long time best friends.  I’m grateful for the synchronicity that lines up these wonderful interactions for me constantly but that’s neither here nor there in the scheme of this conversation lol.

What I’m interested in is learning about is twin flames and romantic soulmates.  As far as soulmates go something in you is connected to something in that other person and you KNOW it.  There’s an underlying feeling of harmony and balance between the two of you where even your differences compliment each other (true yin and yang.) Twin flames I feel like I understand less, I’ve searched the internet but what I’ve found on the subject leaves me a bit lacking.  The way that it’s explained overall is a single soul that is split into two halves so in meeting your twin flame you are meeting the other half of your own soul.  I kind of have difficulty with that in the sense that we’re ultimately one consciousness, and we are all whole within ourselves so how could it be that this person is the other part of your soul?  If a twin flame is what I think it is (which I’m not sure it is) you KNOW it intuitively but it’s more than the intuitive knowing of the other type of spiritual connections(soulmates/siblings/spirit friends).

In The Truth by India Arie she states “There aint no substitute for the truth, either it is or it isn’t…. and you know the truth by the way it feels…”

by the way it feels…”

That feel is what I’m thinking it is. There really is no need to even try to define it because the feeling is the knowing, that’s just it.

In my experience the best I can come to describing what I believe a twin flame is, is this: you can think about that person and KNOW they are thinking about you at that exact same moment, it’s a connection so strong that you don’t even need words to have a conversation. It’s an ease connected to the timelessness of our souls where you don’t feel the need to rush or try to make something happen right now or even in this physical body experience at all because you know your unique soul will meet up with that unique soul again.

If that’s what a twin flame is I think I get it but if it’s anything else maybe I’ve just yet to experience it.   Any insight on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

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1 thought on “Soul relationships–soulmates, siblings and twin flames.

  1. I agree – one has to feel it. And I’ve learned that not all soul mates are kindred. Soul mates can feel familiar because they repeat dysfunctional patterns that were learned in childhood. The purpose of those soul mates is to settle karma from past lives and to teach a lesson. They are master teachers disguised as unavailable and/or abusive people.


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