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I do my best in everything I do and feel. First and foremost if you are here reading this I’d like to say thank you and welcome. You could be anywhere on the internet learning and expanding but you have found yourself with me :) It is my vision that this blog/website be one of many bridges in your ever-expanding spiritual journey. There’s so much to learn and so much to know. Enjoy every moment knowing that whatever comes to you is in perfect time. We’re never given more than we can handle or more than we are ready for so trust in the pureness and goodness of this moment(as in RIGHT NOW, as you are reading these words) The beginning of any spiritual journey is filled with a lot of complex emotion. Is it fun, exciting and sometimes scary? Yup. I’d actually like to take a moment to discuss the scary, it can be scary when you’re standing on the edge of something you can feel is BIG but you don’t know exactly what awaits you on the other side of that experience. You may dawdle at that line tipping your toe over, not really sure what’s to come, further more if you really are going to want it once you find out what’s on that other side…..let me assure you… want to jump in! To say it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever do in your life is not in the least an understatement. (take the red pill Neo….take the red pill. That just made me laugh) But seriously even if you do tip toe on the edge don’t worry about it, you’ll know when you’re ready. The fact that you’re spending time reading spiritual blogs and searching the internet for this stuff is a pretty good indicator of such :) The last thing I’d like to ask as you continue is to approach each one of my entries with an open mind. But more important than an open mind I urge you to take all that you absorb in a moment back with you to meditation. Meditation is LIFE. Meditation is EVERYTHING. I’ll go into meditation a little more later but even if I try to describe or explain it, it sort of doesn’t do it justice because no two people are going to have identical meditation experience because WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS!! The whole reason that I say meditation is so important is because it’s such a personal and intimate experience between you and your higher Source. So when you make that connection in meditation you’ll be able to verify what is true for you and what is not. I can only speak from my truth based on the personal relationship I am forming with the Creator(whomever you chose to call him/her/them is not of importance) Some of the things I may say may ring a bell in your head, some of the things may cause you to go pssssssssssssssssssssh she is completely wrong, it doesn’t matter. My primary purpose is to help you along your own journey in any way I can, not to try to push my personal truths as the one size fits all truth. With this all being said I wish you much growth, light, peace, love and expansion in your travels.

Justice or Else–Million Man March 20th Anniversary

This weekend I went to the Justice or Else Rally.  The amount of Love, Unity and Peace expressed at the march is something that exceeds verbal description.  It was a true display of God Love at it’s finest.  I love my people ❤


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even my self mastery cards felt it.  I pray for more caring and compassion for our people as we all grow in our journey for self love and self knowledge.


Love was everywhere.



Peace to all my brothers from the Nation of Islam ❤

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my beautiful young brothers were out in droves ❤

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we. were. there.


A father on his knee to allow his daughter to sit down.  He also gave his knee for his wife. ❤


A group of black male mentors and his mentees.  We do have positive male role models out there ❤


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.  Soooooooo much love and respect to you sir. Thank you for planting beautiful seeds and deeds within the spirits of Millions.  We hear you. We see you. We love you!!!

‘The 3 Great Money Myths’ from Evolving Wisdom, Lynne Twist & Tammy White

I did this free online seminar last week and although I didn’t end up purchasing the follow up program, the free content resonated deeply for me. This online course offered me a new perspective in relationship to my subconscious thoughts and patterns on scarcity.  Through that,  I grow  ❤

Thank you Evolving Wisdom, Lynne Twist, and Tammy White. 

The encore presentation will be taking place tomorrow and they ask you to consider the following questions prior to listening :

Wednesday, September 9th at 
5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

1. What are your biggest financial challenges right now? 

2. What would you realistically like to accomplish over the next 5 years if money were not an issue?

3. If your money challenges suddenly disappeared and you were at the level of wealth you’d like to be experiencing, what is the most critical change you’d make in the way you live your day-to-day life? 

Growth Through Discomfort

beautiful struggle

A theme that has been repeating itself to me (and I have been trying to avoid quite honestly) is growth through discomfort. I generally believe that things come to you when you approach life with ease/no resistance so the idea that discomfort is required for me to grow was conflicting.  I now am able to see the broader picture where I can understand that some growth (not all growth) can only be attained through stepping outside of your comfort zone. Where the two ideas have now come together is in seeing that like all things discomfort and struggle can be seen as beautiful too. Everything in life is a matter of perspective and when you choose to search for the beauty and lesson in what it is you go through not only does the struggle/discomfort dissolve itself but you are in a place that you could only have been brought through that discomfort.

Have wonderful, growth filled day all ❤